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Healing from within

Join these webinars to connect with new and ancient ways of healing.

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Changing your experience of pain
10th September 2024 - 6:30-8pm

This webinar will take you through some essential ways to soothe and change the experience of pain. With a PhD in pain psychology, Liz has extensively explored ways to bring gentle and long lasting change to physical, emotional and psychological pain.

You will leave the webinar with new insights as to why and how you can create change to pain, and instant ways to bring daily change to pain.


Connecting to inner wisdom & intuition
19th November 2024 - 6:30-7:30pm

This webinar will take you through some essential ways to connect to inner wisdom and intuition. We are often too quick to look for answers or confirmation outside of ourselves, forgetting that we have a huge amount of wisdom within! 

You will leave this webinar with some quick ways to develop your trust to your own intuition, ways to access your own knowing.


Grief Loss & Change
            28th January 2025 - 6:30-8pm

This webinar will take you through ways to ease and soothe the experience of grief and loss. Grief is a constant experience as life changes. Ending relationships, life circumstances, to death of loved ones we know grief and loss. This webinar will allow you to gain different perspectives around grief, and some powerful ways to understand and work with the emotions that arise.

Liz has been running groups for the Carers Trust, and privately for Grief, Loss and Change for 3 years. During this time she has developed unique and beautiful ways to support you.

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