Health Psychologist | Intuitive Coach | Heart-based Meditation & Reiki Practitioner

I have been working with individuals and groups for 14 years. Initially providing support as a health psychologist to enable positive changes to health, mindset, support for long term illness and pain. I also work with NHS, Charities and Trusts supporting individuals and groups in areas including grief and loss, stress and self compassion.

My meditation journey began from my desire to ease my own, and others' physical and psychological discomfort. Meditation and insight practice has allowed me to transform many traumatic life events.

I completed my PhD in Pain Psychology in 2013, and started a committed meditation practice, attending a Buddhist centre. My eyes opened and I realised how much of my life was being limited by myself. In 2014 my practice developed further while training to teach mindfulness and meditation with Suryacitta at Mindfulness CIC. I started experiencing huge shifts and became passionate about helping other people do the same. I have completed a diploma in transformational, spiritual coaching.

Successful coaching allows you to experience lasting change and personal growth.

I run private groups and groups for county councils, hospices, Trusts, charities, NHS, Sainsbury's staff, GP practices, and universities.  Six years ago I co-wrote and developed an MSc in Mindfulness and Compassion, which launched in 2016 with myself as course director.

Providing supervision for coaches and mentors is something that I really enjoy. My approach is intuitively guided and built upon the professional skills that I have developed during my time as a psychologist, trainer, academic and therapist.

All of my retreats, workshops and one-to-one sessions support individuals to take time to go within and move closer to a truer sense of self. To live from the heart rather than just the mind. We work together to release all that is no longer needed, allowing you to let go of limiting beliefs and hurt. To live life from the perspective of peace, confidence and joy, and to gain greater insight and personal intuitive trust.

I have developed and now lead accredited meditation practitioner courses which support deep exploration, with transformative practises centered around heart-based meditation.

A lot of my personal spiritual development has been supported by nature and by acknowledging the energetic flow of the moon cycles. Tapping into the natural ebb and flow enables transformation, creation and letting go. I have developed and lead an accredited Moon Attunement Course. 


Qualifications & Training

PhD Pain Psychology

EMCC registered coach

Level 7 Master spiritual life coach and energy psychology diploma

Sound therapy & Sound healing Practitioner ( Complementary Therapists Accredited Association)

MSc Health Psychology (HCPC registered psychologist)

BSc (Hons) Psychology

Mindfulness & Compassion practitioner (Mindfulness CIC)

Teacher for Mindful Parenting (Trained by Susan Bogels)

Focusing Skills certificate

Reiki Trained

Energy healer (in progress)


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