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Intuitive Coach | Shamanic | Heart-based Meditation | Reiki Master

Liz has been working with individuals and groups for over 18 years. Initially providing support as a Health Psychologist to enable positive changes to health, mindset, and support for long term illness and pain. She has also worked with NHS, West Mercia Police, Charities and Trusts supporting individuals and groups in areas including grief and loss, stress and self compassion.

Liz co-wrote and directed an MSc Mindfulness & Compassion at Coventry University, where she began to also explore and experience the transformational nature of energy and compassion work. She has been invited to write articles and short posts for many publicationsHuffPostBrainz Magazine.


As a Health Psychologist, Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner and Intuitive Coach Liz can support you to gain clarity, and then to create lasting change around beliefs, family patterns and emotions that may be contributing to your physical and psychological health. Many of our blocks are subconscious, and energy psychology can work powerfully to release these. You can read some of Liz's thoughts as an executive contributor at Brainz Magazine.


Her PhD is in pain psychology and she has extensively explored ways to change the experience of pain.

After the loss of her father at 9 years old, Liz embarked on a lifetime journey exploring emotional, physical and spiritual pain. With a keen desire to understand how to alleviate and soothe the pain from grief. Liz has volunteered in hospices providing compassion practices/meditations, worked closely with individuals who are dying and provided support to those grieving in both groups and one-to-one. Bringing together deep listening, compassion practices, reiki, and ceremony & ritual Liz has cultivated a unique and beautiful way to provide support.

You can read about the specific support Liz offers around grief & loss here.

Image by Leo Wieling

Sessions, courses and training are all around heart-based living

Coaching sessions support you to move forward, towards personal growth and change.

Reiki supports balance in all areas of your life. It is very gentle, and supports natural healing within mind, body and spirit.

Sound-baths are a wonderful way to access healing and enter into deep states of relaxation.

 Yin yoga poses can be introduced in sessions, supporting deeper release when working emotionally. Yin yoga is based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Liz has developed accredited courses for training and personal development, and bespoke sessions for compassion and wellbeing in the workplace. She provides supervision for coaches and trainers.


You can read about the courses available here

Qualifications & Training
PhD Pain Psychology
IAPC&M registered coach
Level 7 Master spiritual life coach and energy psychology diploma
Sound therapy & Sound healing Practitioner ( Complementary Therapists Accredited Association)
Certified Moonologer

MSc Health Psychology (HCPC registered psychologist)
BSc (Hons) Psychology
Mindfulness & Compassion practitioner (Mindfulness CIC)
Teacher for Mindful Parenting (Trained by Susan Bogels)
Focusing Skills certificate
Reiki Master

Compassion focused therapy CPD for Grief/ Pain Management
Yin yoga & Mindfulness meditation Teacher trained (60 hours Yoga Alliance)
Shamanic practitioner 
Patagonia Essences practitioner 

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