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Moon Attunement






Aligning with the moon

The moon is an ever present force of rhythm in our lives. During one full moon cycle we will take you through practical and effective ways to align with its changing nature, to both strengthen and empower yourself.


Learn how to make new moon wishes, and transform areas of your life where you feel stuck. Reconnect with yourself and the natural rhythms. Develop a way of being in flow. We are more keenly aware now that being at top speed consistently is not healthy. The moon presents us with the most perfect opportunity to live in balance.


The course will also allow you to understand the impact of the phases on our emotional, physical and mental selves.

The moon moves through a full cycle over approximately twenty-nine days. During this time we are able to feel its gravitational pull and our mind, body, emotion, sleep and energy are all impacted in some way. The moon pulls on our oceans to create tides, and also influences us, creating more subtle yet still vital rhythms.

There are four main stages within the moon cycle, and altogether there are eight phases. Working with the phases of the moon is a practical way to become in flow with life. We can begin to work with the energy positively rather than out of sync with it. Knowing the stages that support new beginnings, creativity and celebration, and those that align with rest and release and cleansing can be very empowering. This course is suitable for both men and women.

What is included

Moonology reading

You will receive a one-page document which, as well as illustrating the phase of the Moon at your birth and the zodiac sign it is placed in, contains channelled lunar information directly from your Inner Self. You will be introduced to the key archetypes that work through your Moon’s energy – the gods/goddesses, animals or other facets of the natural world, elements of Earth and Spirit – and shown the various ways in which your unique lunar energy is expressing itself.

Due to the inevitable challenges of being human, your lunar energy will flow well in some ways, and struggle to express itself in others. You will be shown where you can nurture yourself better, what you need, ultimately, for your emotional well-being, for helping you find the most natural, rhythmic way of life in keeping with the nature of your personal Moon.

This is put together by Helen Ward who is qualified in astrological studies.


You will receive four Moon Essence Blends, one to take at each key part of the Moon’s cycle: New Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon and Waning Moon. Essences are gently transforming energies made from flowers and other aspects of the natural world. Each blend will help you open up to the full potential of the lunar power on offer, and will encourage you to start understanding your own nature – your varying needs, your changing moods, your ebbs and flows – in a new way. These are produced by Helen Ward (Dip.International Federation of Vibrational Medicine & member of British Flower and Vibrational Essence Association). 

Online sessions

The 4 online sessions, are with Dr Liz Sparkes (4 online sessions via zoom). The sessions will fall inline with the phase or in preparation for each of the 8 phases. The sessions will include teaching around understanding the phases of the moon. The practical ways to work with the energy; meditations, practises, manifesting, breaking negative patterns, affirmations/mantra, insight and planning life around the moon. There will be practises, journaling and reflections to engage with between meetings.


OCTOBER 2023 - Thursdays 7-8:30pm

New moon stage, online. 

Waxing stage, online.

Full to waning moon stage, online. 

Waning to new moon stage, online. 

Cost for the full course £195 

Please send a message through this website to book a place. Please use the contact box below.

Two weeks before the course starts you will receive the essences, personal moon overview, and moon journal for personal reflection during the phases of the moon.


Thanks for submitting!


Policies, complaints & refunds

Please ask to see privacy and equal opportunities policies.


In the instance where you wish to make a complaint about the services provided, please email stating the reason for your complaint with as much information as possible. If it cannot be resolved internally it will be escalated to IAPC&M.


Refunds for online courses are available for the first 14 days of the course. Refunds are not available for the 8 month training course, moon course, retreats and workshops, once payment is made. 

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