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Wednesday evening 30 minute meditation

Wednesday at 8pm I run a free online practice. Bringing ease to the mind and body. Compassion and lightness to any heavy feelings.
Please get in touch for the zoom link. There is no charge.
Next sessions
30th June 8pm Compassionate bodyscan & soundbath

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4 Weeks of Compassion course ONLINE

September Course 
9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th

Thursday 7-8pm
Compassion meditation and heart based practices. Enhance psychological and emotional well-being and ease mind and body. 

£32 for this 4 week group course.
Week one What is self compassion and bringing ease to the mind and body.
Week two Compassion and easing difficult sensations with meditation.
Week three Using compassion to embody the true self and be ourselves.
Week four Compassion and difficult emotions. 


The DEEP SLEEP session

Dr Liz Sparkes & The Ives

Proceeds to WE:ARE - Domestic abuse awareness and recovery. A charity that works so hard and is full of heart.

A natural 'dreamer' oil delivered to your doorstep ( Magnesium sleep roller ball. Perfect at bedtime. Helpful with issues including sleep, migraine, PMS and anxiety. Easy to apply and soaks in with ease. Use the oil whilst listening to an hour of relaxing crystal and Tibetan bowls, with guided heart-based meditation.

After a busy or stressful week, it can be hard switching off...Unwind with this relaxing ritual from the comfort of your own home.

Create yourself a sanctuary, use the sleep oil that will be sent out before the deep sleep session. Then let go and let the meditation session work its magic.


Online Intention setting & Meditation 

Tuesday 8-9:30pm


Once a month on Tuesday evening I run group sessions via zoom. During the sessions we set intentions for the coming month and use the time for various practises.

Meditation, compassion practices, letting go of fear, intuitive visualisation, releasing blocks and barriers to peace.

We also take note of the sign of the zodiac that the new moon falls in each month, and what that means depending on your rising sign. 

Just get in touch if you would like to know more.

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Outdoor fire pit sessions

Venue- Holycombe Retreat, Whichford.

(contact Liz for the next date)


Develop your meditation practice. Each week we practice meditations to ease the mind and body, release emotion, increase awareness and intuition, and compassion.

Policies, complaints & refunds

Please ask to see privacy and equal opportunities policies.


In the instance where you wish to make a complaint about the services provided, please email stating the reason for your complaint with as much information as possible. If it cannot be resolved internally it will be escalated to IAPC&M.


Refunds for online courses are available for the first 14 days of the course. Refunds are not available for the 8 month training course, retreats and workshops, once payment is made. In the event of illness the place that is paid for can be transferred to a later course or session.