Connect To Nature

Art & Meditation

19th September

11am - 3pm

Please get in touch to book a space and to ask any questions.



We meet in this magical woodland to connect with nature.

Umberslade Adventure

Hidden deep in the wood this beautiful space creates the much needed sense of peace we are all craving. Meditation with Liz, to bring calm and connection.

Together with established photographer and art lecturer Stuart Robinson, and his team of artists, we are bringing you an opportunity for art in the woodland. Connecting with nature through beautiful art and meditation.



Bring that beautiful connection to nature into your home. By creating meaningful artwork in the natural world, you not only bring a therapeutic experience but also some artwork to bring the woodland inside.

Stuart and his team will offer you the opportunity to create the following;

Cyanotype (sun prints) of feathers, flowers and plants.

Expressive drawing with and from nature - layered large scale scrolls (use grasses, sticks, mud, ground moss to draw) start with taking imprints of trees and working into them.

Sensory drawing. (Drawing based on various ways of experiencing nature, from touch and smell, to sound).

Direct printmaking from nature from basic frottage's to mono prints.

Land art - use of found natural objects to create installations and photograph them beautifully and as end result have beautiful prints of the experience.

Clay prints and pressings into clay tiles.

*All materials provided. Art can be taken away as part of the cost of the day ticket.



Meditation and visualisation in the natural world bring a sense of peace and ease. Liz will guide you through practices that bring a sense of healing and connection to nature. Just 50 minutes immersed in nature can bring about huge improvements to wellbeing. Research shows lowered stress, better physical wellness and improved spiritual connection.

Using sound (crystal & Tibetan bowls) and the natural sounds in the woodland to enhance meditation.

Image by Julio López


Please book directly through this webpage or contact

Please bring blankets and camping seats, lunch and anything else for your comfort.

£85 including all artwork materials (concessionary available)