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What happens when you start to view the world through your heart?

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​Over time we build up barriers and blocks to the heart. Compassionate transformative practices supports the gentle melting away of blocks and barriers.

This course will allow you to  develop an in-depth understanding of transformational insight practices, including healing visualisations, sound & mantra work, energy psychology to create shifts, moon work and heart based meditation for your own development and/or to guide others.

Opening up to more of your true potential. Instead of looking outside for what we need, heart-based meditation brings us strength from within. Moving back to our true nature and awakening the warmth that has always been there. Developing a strong intuitive trust and ability to perceive at a deeper level of insight. 

When the course takes place

1 session each month

(September starting course, sessions are on a Saturday or Sunday)


Four sessions in person, and Four ONLINE

Support and material between sessions

To apply for a place please email

 Video Testimonials

Sophie Testimonial - Diploma Transformation & Heart-based Practices - YouTube

Linda - Testimonial Diploma Transformation and heart-based Practices - YouTube

Rich Testimonial - Diploma Transformation & Heart-based Practices - YouTube

Becks Testimonial - Diploma Transformation & Heart-based Practices - YouTube


The Course
IAPC&M accredited

Upon successful completion of the course, participants gain a Level 5 IAPC&M accredited diploma. They are eligible then to apply to IAPC&M to be an accredited Practitioner Coach.

The course is designed to enable trainees to leave with the confidence, skills and knowledge to work as an independent practitioner coach. Many people also take this course purely for personal transformation and change, without necessarily wishing to coach others.

The course is comprised of 8 modules. These are delivered face to face and online.

The training is highly experiential and based on transformational coaching which encourages trainees to work deeply on themselves through daily practices, journaling and some self study between sessions.​

The course is supported by theory, which covers science, psychology and models of coaching, and philosophy, spirituality and meditation.

Two 1-2-1, 50 minute supervision sessions with Liz are included. 

Diploma in Transformation and Heart based practices upon completion.

Fee for full course £1550

The venue is near Stratford-Upon-Avon, a beautiful creative space which has markings to allow everyone to sit at 2m distancing, it also backs on to beautiful fields. 

Image by Robin Schreiner

What trainees gain

  1. A Level 5 Award.

  2. Ability to apply for accreditation with IAPC&M to be an Accredited Practitioner Coach (APC) through the recognised training provider route.

  3. Have a strong and confident ability to coach clients in groups or one to one


Insight and learning centered around transformational practices and meditation (many different varieties). 
Confidence to develop an authentic professional relationship between coach and client.
Experience a personal journey of self reflection and change.
Techniques and practices for healing, shifts and insight.
Understanding into the deep shifts and changes experienced through personal practice and self reflection.
Understand the key aspects to coaching authenticity.
Experience and practice at holding space for others and developing intuitive coac
hing skills.

Who is this course suitable for?

Those wanting to go through self exploration and transformation.

Coaches, psychotherapists, trainers, teachers, meditation facilitators who want a deeper practice and skillset.

Professionals who are already in a position of supporting others, this may include nutritionist, energy healer, personal trainer, wellbeing practitioner, yoga teacher, holistic therapist, psychologist.

Those wanting to experience change and to develop spiritually and intuitively.

White Sand and Stone



Heart-based Meditation

Why meditate? 

What is heart based meditation and self compassion.

Holding space and active listening.


Embodying a heart based approach.

Listening deeply & focusing.

Body wisdom.

Building personal intuition and trust.


Heart based & healing practices.

Visualisation for change.

Holding a meditation circle.

Coaching others through change, following GROW.


Welcoming all aspects of self.

Taking off the mask we put out to the world.

Transformation through practice.

Ethics and holding a session.


Inner wisdom

Holding the space & silence.

Shamanic practices (Guest Rev Jan Higgins)

Intuitive meditations and practices.


Mantra and sound healing

Mantra and sound in meditation.


Leading meditation circles.

Hosted by Dr Nick Peters


Insight practices

Working with blocks and barriers to opening the heart.

Cultivating your own heart based approach to facilitating.

Tools for intuitive guidance.



Moon work and ritual for change.

Practice and sharing.

Story so far.

Leading meditation.


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